Drinkmate OmniFizz Sparkling Water and Soda Maker – Royal Red

Price: $110.99

Review: Drinkmate OmniFizz Soda Maker

Patented Fizz Infuser Technology

The Drinkmate OmniFizz soda maker is a game-changer when it comes to enjoying sparkling beverages at home. With its patented Fizz Infuser Technology, this carbonator machine allows you to carbonate any drink, not just water. Whether you prefer sparkling water, juices, wine, cocktails, or even flat soda or beer, the Drinkmate OmniFizz puts you in control with just the push of a button.

Main Features:

  • Carbonates any drink, not just water
  • Helps reduce plastic bottle waste
  • Safe, quick, and easy to operate
  • Includes a reusable 1L BPA-Free Carbonating Quick-Connect Bottle
  • Powered by food-grade CO2 gas


By using the Drinkmate OmniFizz soda maker, you can drink healthier by avoiding excess sugar and harmful chemicals found in store-bought carbonated beverages. Additionally, you can help reduce plastic bottle waste by carbonating drinks at home instead of purchasing single-use bottles.

Easy to Use:

The patented Fizz Infuser technology makes operating the Drinkmate OmniFizz simple and safe. You don’t need electricity or batteries to use this carbonator machine. The Fizz Infuser and PET bottles can be hand-washed for easy cleaning.

My Opinion:

I have been using the Drinkmate OmniFizz soda maker for a few weeks now, and I am extremely impressed with its performance. The ability to carbonate a variety of beverages has added a new level of excitement to my daily routine. I love the convenience of being able to control the level of carbonation in my drinks, and the fact that I am reducing my environmental impact by using fewer plastic bottles is a huge bonus. Overall, I highly recommend the Drinkmate OmniFizz to anyone looking to enjoy sparkling beverages at home.


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