PHILIPS Sparkling Water Maker: Effervescent Refreshment at Home

Price: $79.99 - $47.59

Introducing the Philips Soda Maker Sparkling Water Maker Soda Streaming Machine

Are you looking for the best bubbles to achieve refreshing cold drinks? Look no further, as we proudly present the Philips Soda Maker Sparkling Water Maker Soda Streaming Machine. With this innovative device, you can easily achieve the perfect carbonation levels to suit your taste.

Easy to Use

Using the Philips Soda Maker is as simple as 1-2-3. Fill the carbonating bottle with cold, clean water between the marked filling lines. Press the button downwards firmly until you hear a buzzing sound from the valve, indicating that the water is carbonating. The carbonation time is only 2-3 seconds for each use. You can repeat the process 2-3 times to customize the carbonation level according to your preference.

Sleek & Stylish Design

The Philips Soda Maker is designed to fit anywhere in your home and add a touch of sparkle to your lifestyle. With its dimensions of 18.6” x 9.4” x 7.8”, it is compact enough to be placed on any countertop or table. The premium stylish wrap finishing and classic colors match any style of indoor decoration.

Compatible with Standard Screw-in 60 L Co2 Exchange Carbonator

The Philips Soda Maker is compatible with any standard screw-in 60 L Co2 exchange carbonator (not included). You can easily purchase a 60L 14.5 oz Co2 carbonator cartridge separately, which can be exchanged at several of your favorite retailers or ordered online. This ensures that you always have a fresh supply of carbonation for your sparkling drinks.

Environmentally Friendly

By using the Philips Soda Maker, you can make a positive impact on the environment. Each carbonating cylinder can make up to 60L of delicious sparkling water, which is equivalent to replacing 120 single-use plastic bottles. Enjoy the homemade sparkling drinks without contributing to plastic waste.

Included Accessories

The Philips Soda Maker comes with everything you need to get started. In the box, you will find:

  • 1 Sparkling Water Machine: Premium Stylish wrap finishing
  • 1 BPA-Free Bottle: Designed for durability and withstanding carbonation pressure
  • 1 Cup Included: Convenient for measuring syrups or flavors

With these included accessories, you have everything you need to create your own fizzy and flavorful drinks.

So why wait? Experience the joy of creating your own sparkling beverages with the Philips Soda Maker Sparkling Water Maker Soda Streaming Machine. Say goodbye to single-use plastic bottles and embrace a more sustainable and delicious way to enjoy your favorite fizzy drinks.


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