Philips Stainless Soda Maker: Sparkling Water Machine for Home Use

Price: $54.39

Introducing the Philips Soda Maker Sparkling Water Maker Soda Streaming Machine

Are you looking for the best bubbles? Look no further! We proudly present the Philips Soda Maker Sparkling Water Maker Soda Streaming Machine, designed to achieve the best bubbles in town. With its innovative features and sleek design, this soda maker is the perfect addition to your kitchen.

How to Achieve the Best Bubbles

Press the button downwards firmly until you hear a buzzing sound from the valve. The carbonation time is 2-3 seconds for each time. Repeat 2-3 times to customize the carbonation level at your choice. Fill the carbonating bottle with cold, clean water between the marked filling lines.

Enjoy Sparkling Soda Water at Home

With just a touch of a button, enjoy fresh soda water or flavored fizzy drinks provided by Philips Soda Maker. Customize the carbonation levels based on your preference. This sparkling water maker fits anywhere in your home and adds a touch of style to your lifestyle. Its dimensions are 18.6” x 9.4” x 7.8”.

Compatible with Standard Screw-in 60 L Co2 Exchange Carbonator

This soda maker is compatible with any standard screw-in 60 L Co2 exchange carbonator (not included). You can easily find and exchange the carbonator cartridge at several of your favorite retailers, such as Soda Stream, or order online.

Easy to Use and Environmentally Friendly

Using the Philips Soda Maker is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply fill, twist, and press. No electricity is required, so you can put it anywhere in your home or even take it outdoors. By using this soda maker, you can reduce your plastic bottle waste. One carbonating cylinder makes up to 60L of delicious sparkling water, replacing 120 single-use plastic bottles.

What’s Included

The Philips Soda Maker Sparkling Water Maker comes with the following:

  • 1 Sparkling Water Machine: Premium stylish wrap finishing with classic colors that match any style of indoor decoration.
  • 1 BPA-Free Bottle: Designed for durability and withstanding the pressure of carbonation, the 1L sparkling water bottle has an airtight sealed lid to keep your sparkling drinks fizzy for longer.

Join the sparkling water revolution with the Philips Soda Maker Sparkling Water Maker Soda Streaming Machine. Say goodbye to single-use plastic bottles and hello to homemade sparkling drinks that are refreshing and environmentally friendly.


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