Retro Ice Cream Maker: Elite Gourmet Vintage Wood Bucket with Hand Crank

Price: $105.99

The Elite Gourmet 6Qt. Old Fashioned Electric Ice Cream Maker: A Fun and Convenient Way to Make Homemade Ice Cream

The Elite Gourmet 6Qt. Old Fashioned Electric Ice Cream Maker is the perfect appliance for those who love homemade ice cream. With its powerful 90-rpm motor and 6-quart heavy duty aluminum canister, this ice cream maker churns out delicious treats in just minutes.

Fast and Convenient

Making ice cream has never been easier. With the Elite Gourmet Ice Cream Maker, you can entertain your family and friends at family parties, BBQ’s, and picnics with all of your favorite ice cream, sorbet, gelato, and frozen yogurt recipes. The motor turns a six-fin paddle that whips air into the ingredients, producing a smooth and rich soft serve ice cream. The paddle also quickly crushes cookies, fruit, chocolate chips, or other toppings, thoroughly integrating them into the mixture.

Easy 3 Step Process

Using the Elite Gourmet Ice Cream Maker is a breeze. Simply follow these three steps:

  1. Mix your favorite ingredients and place them in the canister.
  2. Assemble the unit and add ice and rock salt.
  3. Plug in and turn on the machine.

Whisper Quiet Operation

One of the standout features of the Elite Gourmet Ice Cream Maker is its whisper quiet operation. The electric motor conveniently locks onto the bucket, ensuring that all parts are interlocked for safe and quiet operation. You can enjoy making ice cream without any distractions.

Easy Cleanup

Cleaning up after making ice cream is a cinch with the Elite Gourmet Ice Cream Maker. The aluminum canister allows for easy wiping away of messes, and all parts conveniently remove for easy cleaning. The canister and lid are also dishwasher safe, saving you even more time and effort.

Recipes Included

Whether you want to use your own recipes or try something new, the Elite Gourmet Ice Cream Maker has you covered. The manual includes a variety of delicious and creamy ice cream recipes that you can follow. Say goodbye to unnecessary additives and preservatives found in store-bought ice cream and enjoy the pure taste of homemade treats.

ETL Approved and Warranty

The Elite Gourmet Ice Cream Maker is ETL approved for home kitchen use, ensuring its safety and quality. Additionally, it comes with a 1-year limited warranty and a US-based customer support team. Maxi-Matic, the manufacturer, has been providing quality products for over 35 years, giving you confidence in your purchase. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out to their support team, and they will respond within 1 business day.

In conclusion, the Elite Gourmet 6Qt. Old Fashioned Electric Ice Cream Maker is a fun and convenient appliance for making homemade ice cream. Its powerful motor, easy-to-use design, whisper quiet operation, and easy cleanup make it a standout product. Whether you’re a seasoned ice cream maker or a beginner, this ice cream maker is a great addition to any kitchen.


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