Revolutionize Your Cooking with WantJoin Cooking Blender

Price: $199.99 - $179.99

Introducing the WantJoin Multifunctional Cooking Blender

The WantJoin Multifunctional Cooking Blender is a high-speed countertop blender that offers a wide range of capabilities to meet all your blending needs. With a powerful 24000RPM motor, this blender can handle hot and cold ingredients with ease, making it perfect for creating nut butters, soups, shakes, smoothies, and more.

Health and Safety Features

Crafted with food-grade thickened glass, the cup of this blender prioritizes your health and safety. The glazed ceramic base prevents leakage, ensuring a mess-free blending experience. The ceramic bottom is easy to clean and maintains its quality even with repeated use, providing you with peace of mind.

Two Self-Cleaning Modes

Cleaning your blender has never been easier with the WantJoin Blender. The hot and cold cleaning mode runs for 4 minutes, using high heat and a 24000RPM high-speed rotary cleaning process to quickly and effectively clean the inner components. The 2-minute easy washing mode efficiently removes any food residue after juicing, making cleanup a breeze. Let the automatic cleaning mode handle the hard work, freeing up your time and effort.

Sharp Blade for Versatility

Equipped with sharp blades, this blender caters to a variety of needs. It’s perfect for elderly users who require silky or grained food textures, making it ideal for making baby food or crushing ice without excess water. With WantJoin, you can achieve the desired consistency for your food and drinks through the DIY mode.

Save Time with Preset Mode

Start your day off right with a delicious cup of hot soya milk using the convenient preset mode. Simply adjust the appointment time before going to sleep and wake up to hot soya milk without the need for additional straining. This blender allows for a preset time of up to 12 hours, providing you with time-saving convenience and a nutritious start to your day.


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