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Soyabella vs. Almond Cow

How can I make nut milk in a blender?

If you prefer vegetal milk instead of cow milk, the chances are that you might be interested in making your own. While there are many recipes to help you enjoy your plant-based milk homemade, there are also devices that will help you do that.


Almond Cow

Differences Between Soyabella vs. Almond Cow

Two of these devices that allow you to make your plant-based milk are Soyabella and Amond Cow. These devices are very much alike, but you will find one that you prefer over the other.

Both Are Milk Maker

Easy Process

Time Saving

Variety of Features

Soyabella Pros & Cons


  • It can make milk very fast
  • Doesn’t provide overheat
  • Can prepare multiple drinks
  • Easy to use


  • Final filter requires to be done outer side of the machine
  • Some users have mentioned the loud sound

Almond Cow Pros & Cons


  • Made of durable stainless steel
  • Very easy to clean
  • More flavorful than store bought
  • Requires no straining


  • This machine seems to be a bit pricey.
  • Quite large


If you still don’t know which one of these devices you should purchase, acknowledging the fact that Soyabella is also a coffee grinder might help you. On the other hand, Almond Cow tends to be pricier than other devices, so you should consider this aspect.

Ultimately, what you choose is up to you, and you will be satisfied either way. These two devices are at the top of the market, and you can only expect good results from both of them. They are extremely easy to use simultaneously, and you will enjoy fresh and healthy milk as often as you want to. So, choose your plant-based milk maker and improve your diet and lifestyle!

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