VEVOR Nut Milk Maker: 8-in-1 Automatic Plant Based Milk Maker

Price: $44.99 - $39.99

Taste the Freshness of Homemade Nut Milk

nut milk maker

Introducing the VEVOR 8-in-1 Versatile Nut Milk Maker – Your ultimate companion for healthier living! With a generous 600ml capacity, smart LCD screen, 8-leaf stainless steel blades and 2-18 hours timer, this innovative machine unlocks a world of pure, homemade, and plant-based hot/cold drinks.

Easy 5-Step Operation

oat nut mik maker

Our oat/soy milk making machine boasts intelligent temperature sensor, balancing temperature and preventing overheating. 1-minute mode memory gives you the freedom to add ingredients, no need to reset the mode after closing the lid within 1 minute.

Silky-Smooth Texture Every Time

 nut milk maker machine

The secret to creating silky-smooth nut milk lies in the 8-leaf stainless steel blades, coupled with a high-performance pure copper motor for rapid and refined blending. Additionally, the quadrilateral stirring column on the inner wall prevents grains from accumulating at the edges.

Convenient Timing Setting

almond milk maker machine

Take control of your schedule with the 2-18 hours timing setting. Prepare your ingredients before bedtime, set the timer, and wake up to a ready-to-enjoy drink. No more waiting around with VEVOR homemade almond milk machine!

User-Friendly Control Panel

soy milk maker machine

The control panel with a display screen is user-friendly, allowing you to unlock a variety of drinks with a single touch. We also provide a measuring spoon, a squeezing rod, and a filter screen, making it easy for you to create various healthy drinks following detailed recipes.

8-in-1 Versatile Nut Milk Maker: VEVOR nut milk maker boasts 600ml large capacity that serves up to 3 people. It features a one touch smart LCD screen, unlocking diverse pure, homemade, and plant-based hot/cold drinks, including nut milk, fruit juice, rice paste, boiling water and more. Just put in 50g of nuts, 17oz/500ml of water and you have a delicious nut milk.

Speedy Blending, Smoother Taste: Say goodbye to uneven blending! Our soy milk maker comes with 8-leaf stainless steel blades, sturdy and sharp. Its multi-blade structure ensures rapid and thorough blending, leaving you with silky-smooth, residue-free beverages.

Smart Temperature Balance: Built-in intelligent temperature sensor, our oat milk maker precisely controls temperature, prevents overheating and preserves natural nutrients. Plus, it boasts 1-minute mode memory, allowing you to add ingredients freely within 1 minute, no need to reset the mode after closing the lid.

2-18 Hours Timer: To make your life more convenient and easier, our homemade milk machine lets you schedule from 2 to 18 hours in advance. Just prep your ingredients and water before bedtime, set the timer, and wake up to a ready-to-enjoy drink. No more long waits!

Savor the Purest Taste: The food-grade 304 stainless steel liner delivers the purest and healthy taste. It’s smooth, easy to clean, and resistant to stains and residue. Coupled with high-temperature self cleaning, freeing your hands and enjoying a healthier lifestyle.


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