Vintage Style Glass Milk Bottle Set with Silicone Pour Spouts

Price: $27.99

The Tough Glass Bottle: A Must-Have for Every Household

Are you tired of using flimsy plastic bottles that leach chemicals into your drinks? Look no further than the Tough Glass Bottle! This durable glass bottle is a versatile solution for all your beverage storage needs. Whether you’re carrying water, milk, juices, honey, maple syrup, or jam, this bottle has got you covered.

Main Features:

  • 33.8 oz capacity
  • Compact size – measures approx. 9.5 inches tall and 3-1/2″ by 3-1/2″
  • Thick glass walls for added durability
  • Includes two BPA-free 48 MM snap-on caps
  • Comes with two silicone pour spouts for drip-free pouring
  • Made in the USA


The Tough Glass Bottle is not only environmentally friendly but also safe for your health. Unlike plastic bottles, glass is inert and does not leach chemicals, even with the most acidic contents. The thick sides of the bottle make it hard to break, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable storage solution for your beverages.


Whether you’re on the go, at home, or in the office, the Tough Glass Bottle is a versatile companion. Use it to carry your favorite beverages, store homemade jams or syrups, or keep water chilled in the fridge. The compact size fits perfectly in water bottle holders and fridge door shelves, making it convenient for everyday use.

Personal Opinion:

As a user of the Tough Glass Bottle, I can confidently say that it has exceeded my expectations. The quality of the glass is exceptional, and the added silicone pour spouts make pouring a breeze. I love knowing that I’m not exposing myself to harmful chemicals by using this bottle, and the fact that it’s made in the USA is a definite plus. Overall, I highly recommend the Tough Glass Bottle to anyone looking for a reliable and durable beverage storage solution.


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