Weber Lumin Compact Outdoor Electric BBQ Grill – Perfect for Small Spaces, Portable and Convenient

Price: $349.99

Introducing the Weber Lumin Electric Grill: Elevating Urban Outdoor Grilling

High on heat and big on versatility, Weber’s Lumin electric grill takes urban outdoor grilling to new heights. This multifunction electric grill reaches temperatures over 600°F so sear-mark seekers can achieve high-quality searing, while smoke infusion further enhances that grill flavor guests crave.

Speaking of satisfied guests, the Lumin grill can keep food warm so everyone can easily serve themselves (and come back for seconds). Open the lid for buffet-style self-service and keep food at the perfect temperature until it’s ready to serve.

Variety of Cooking Options

The Weber Lumin electric grill offers a variety of cooking options to suit your culinary preferences. Whether you want to sear, smoke, steam, or boil, this grill has various cook settings to accommodate your needs. Achieve restaurant-quality searing, infuse smoky flavors into your dishes, or steam vegetables for a healthy side dish – the choice is yours.

From Frozen to Grilled in No Time

Gone are the days of waiting for your frozen meats to thaw. With the Lumin electric grill, you can grill from frozen with its innovative steam system. Simply place your frozen steak or chicken on the grill while it preheats, and the steam system will thaw the food. Once it’s ready, sear it on the grilling side for easy and convenient weeknight meals.

Easy to Use and Control

The Lumin electric grill features a clearly marked control knob that makes it easy to access different cooking modes. Whether you want to sear, steam, smoke, or keep your food warm, the control knob allows you to switch between modes effortlessly. No more guesswork – achieve the perfect cooking results every time.

Style and Compact Design

Weber understands the importance of aesthetics in outdoor grilling. That’s why the Lumin electric grill is available in an array of colors, allowing you to choose the one that suits your space and taste. Whether you prefer a bold red, a sleek black, or a vibrant blue, the Lumin grill will complement your outdoor decor.

In addition to its style, the Lumin electric grill features a compact and space-efficient design. Stow it away easily when not in use, and access it effortlessly for your next gathering. The grill’s modern, porcelain-enameled steel exterior not only looks good on your balcony or patio but is also easy to clean, ensuring a hassle-free grilling experience.

Experience the Weber Lumin Electric Grill

Elevate your urban outdoor grilling experience with Weber’s Lumin electric grill. With its high heat, versatility, and convenient features, this grill is designed to make your grilling sessions a breeze. Impress your guests with perfectly seared steaks, smoky flavors, and buffet-style self-service. Choose your favorite color, enjoy the compact design, and effortlessly create delicious meals with the Weber Lumin electric grill.


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