agitator vs impeller

Agitator vs. Impeller Washing Machines

You have to know the differences between an agitator and an impeller washer to reap its benefits. Discover what the Agitator and the impeller for a washing machine are: the efficiency of both and its performance.

With all this information, you will make the right decision when buying a washing machine with special characteristics. Discover the Agitator’s advantages compared to the impeller to wash the largest number of clothes in a cycle.

What is Agitator?

The Agitator of a washing machine consists of a shaft protruding from the product; it is located in the center of its drum. These agitators are accompanied by paddles that have the function of turning and twisting your clothes throughout the cleaning cycle. You can put different ways of washing with the Agitator; the result can be optimal to remove all the dirt on your clothes.

agitator washing machine

These agitators for the washing machine offer optimal results to clean all your clothes; they are very hard against dirt. You can set a slow cycle or a fast cycle; you will have the same movement and innovative results for your clothes in both.

What is the Impeller?

Washer impellers are cubes that spin on a low profile; you can see that on some latest generation washers. The impeller’s fins have a current that makes the water turbulent to remove all the dirt from the clothes. The impeller does not make contact with the clothes at any time. This is due to the speed in water currents.

impeller washing machines

This washing system is the innovation to the washing machine agitators; they take up less space and have better results. You can spend less time washing your clothes with the impeller; in some cases, you will notice better results than the Agitator.

agitator vs impeller

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Efficiency Of Agitator vs. Impeller

Agitator washers are very good, and you should know how efficient they are against impeller washers.

impeller vs agitator

Among the Pros and Cons that you can get from the Agitator above the impeller are:


  • They have a very affordable price in the market because the Agitator has a simpler operation. You can save a lot of money by buying a washer with a stirrer than an impeller for your home.
  • It can make it very easy for you to unload and load the clothes to clean them with the agitator washer. You can put on and take off your clothes while using the Agitator system; it has no danger to your hands.
  • It has a more durable system in which you can save money in the long run without problems. These agitator washers are amazing; they don’t require constant maintenance; you can use them for years.
  • They have a very short wash cycle so that you save time in the process; they are faster in the process.


  • They have problems to remove the dirt completely, and sometimes it can give you unpleasant results.
  • Agitator washers have higher electricity and water consumption than impeller washers; this can be a costly disadvantage.

Performance Of Agitator Vs. Impeller

The washers with an agitator implemented in your system are what you require for their optimal performance, know it:

  • You can wash a lot of clothes: with these washing machines you can wash a lot of clothes, it has a large tank and a lot of power to move it. If you want to do only one wash cycle with a mountain of garments, you can do it with the Agitator without problems. These legendary washers save you time on washing, no match for an impeller washer.
  • Quality material: they are built with quality material, and their operation means that they do not require maintenance for a long time. You can use the washing machine for many years without changing your bearings; this saves a lot of money.
  • Remove Stains Quickly: A washing machine agitator can quickly remove stains on your clothes in front of the impeller. You only have to put a wash cycle, and in less than 10 minutes, you acquire your garment as new.
  • Durability: you can have the Agitator in your possession for many years; its duration is not comparable to the impeller. This product has had a market share for many years; the mothers of the household prefer it for its quality and absolute duration. It has a common system that is easy to repair; even you can do it without help.
  • Affordable Price: You can buy an agitator washer at a reasonable price compared to impeller washers. With this alternative, you can save a lot of money and take the best to wash in your home. You can get several well-known brand agitator washers and others that are less popular but just as efficient.


Are washing machines without agitators better?

Top load washers with agigator provide a better performance. But they have the potential risk in damaging clothes. On the other hand, washers without agigators don't damage your clothes.

What type of washing machine cleans the best?

Washers with agigators quicker than others but washers without agigators clean better.

Do clothes get clean without agitator?

Yes, without agitator, impeller mechanism is effective in cleaning clothes.

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