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10 Best Carpet Cleaner Reviews

Carpet cleaners get to work to keep your area rugs, stairs, and upholstery free of dust, dirt, stains, and spills. They remove pet hair and dander from furniture and other surfaces if you keep your pets indoors. Our review of the ten best carpet cleaners will help you get the best clean possible.

Reviews of the Best Carpet Cleaner

One of the most important issues in home cleaning is to clean carpets and similar surfaces. Frequent wet cleaning is required to remove the staining and yellowing appearance on carpets and seats. It is recommended to use carpet cleaner that help you to complete the cleaning in the most effective and practical way, as doing this process with standard tools and hand will cause too much time and energy loss.

We have listed the best carpet cleaners here after extensive research so that you can easily clean your carpets.

Bissell 2037 Pet Stain Eraser Portable Carpet Cleaner

bissell best carpet cleaner

Bissel portable, cordless stain remover goes where you go in a lightweight, easy to control cleaning action. It’s perfect for pet lovers to keep carpets and upholstery free of pet hair, urine, stains, and fibers.

  • Suction, spray, scrub tough stains
  • Lithium powered function
  • Cordless and portable
  • Easy to handle

The carpet cleaner removes tough stains instantly and permanently from other areas like stairs, floors, and rugs. The ready-to-use formula also cleans beverage stains, dirt, vomit, blood, mud, oil, and food stains.


Eureka NEN110B Whirlwind Bagless Cleaner

The Whirlwind is a versatile carpet cleaner for hardwood floors, upholstery, carpets, and more. It seamlessly switches from various surfaces with instant touch-tone control. The two-cyclone suctioning power ensures you lift and filter tough dirt and particles. The bagless canister offers quick-releasing action, filter, dust separator, and dust cup for deep-down cleaning.

  • Auto-cord rewind retractable action
  • 3-part filtering system
  • Quick-release dust action
  • Dusting brush and crevice tool

Eureka offers a fast, easy, portable, and lightweight cleaning tool. It is adaptable, with excellent suctioning power.


Hoover BH12010 Cordless Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

hoover best carpet cleaner

Our multi-purpose carpet and upholstery cleaner offers excellent spot cleaning on multiple household surfaces. It easily scrubs to remove paw prints, mud, dust, dirt, stains, and much more. The dual-tank system provides powerful cleaning suction for cleaning far-reaching areas in the home.

  • Dual-tank cleaning system
  • Portable and cordless
  • High-performing suctioning
  • Versatile cleaning tools

Hoover is a versatile carpet and upholstery cleaner for every surface in your home. It cleans patios, wood floors, upholstery, carpets, and more. The portable, compact design makes it easy to operate and store.


Bissell TurboClean Carpet Cleaner

Bissell TurboClean Best Carpet Cleaner

There are several unique features to the Bissell TurboClean that you will love. It is lightweight, easy to handle, and sits upright for excellent maneuvering.
The Oxy formula also removes urine, cola, spill, stains, and other high-traffic household cleaning areas.

  • EdgeSweep cleaning around edges
  • 4-row rotating dirt lifter
  • Powerful brushing action
  • Dual-tank water system

The turbo cleaner operates on powerful, fast suctioning to lift and scrub away tough stains, odors, and pet messes. Moreover, the retractable handle is compact and easy to store in small spaces.


Bissell ProHeat Revolution Max Carpet Cleaner

Bissell ProHeat Revolution Max Carpet Cleaner

This powerful carpet cleaner offers commercial-grade cleaning and stain removal services to every surface in your home. Its Oxy-power capability removes some of the toughest stains, allergens, odors, and pet urine. There are twelve rows of rotating and dual dirt lifters and power brushes for deep-cleaning and deodorizing.

  • CleanSpot Repeater constant streaming
  • 2-in-one pet upholstery tool
  • Additional 3-inch stain tool
  • Oxy cleaner and odor eliminator

The lightweight, compact design is easy to use, carry, and store. Besides, the Express clean mode delivers fast-drying action for your carpet.


Hoover FH50700 PowerDashPet Carpet Cleaner

Hoover FH50700 PowerDashPet Carpet Cleaner

PowerDash and PowerSpin protection of the carpet cleaner combine to offer you maximum cleaning and deodorizing power for your home. It provides twice the cleaning power of other cleaners and outperforms the competition. The lightweight machine is manageable and easy to store.

It provides deep-cleaning power to remove pet hair, stains, odors, and other messes around the house.

  • PowerDash drying protection
  • Dual-tank system
  • Detachable nozzle
  • HeatForce drying action

The machine is ideal for deep cleaning high-traffic and small areas around the house. It is anti-microbial for hygienic results.


Bissell TurboClean Powerbrush Pet Carpet Cleaner

Bissell TurboClean Powerbrush Pet Carpet Cleaner

Bring the sparkle and shine back to your home with the Bissell TurboClean shampooer. It loosens tough dirt, stains, spills, pet urine, hair, and more from hallways, furniture, baseboards, upholstery, and more. Four rows of rotating power quickly and easily lift dirt for occasional touch-ups and spot cleaning.

  • Powerful deep-cleaning action
  • EdgeSweep bristles
  • Dual-tank water holder
  • Hygienic Oxy formula

The machine is lightweight, portable, and easy to use, and the removable nozzle makes cleaning up fast and convenient. The upright machine has a retractable handle that’s easy to store.


Hoover FH52000 Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner

The carpet cleaner has an auto-cleaning technology motion sensor design that delivers excellent pet and household cleaning results. Auto-dry and HeatForce technology also ensure faster drying after shampooing. An AutoMix capacity provides accurate formula measurements for maximum cleaning solutions.

  • 2-in-one pet cleaning tool
  • Easy to handle
  • Removable nozzle and power brushes   
  • Automatic transitioning between cleans   

The anti-microbial pet tool removes odors, allergens, pet dander, urine, and more. The trigger-free handle lets you push forward to clean and push back to dry.


Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution

Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Best Carpet Cleaner

You can get professional-grade results with the Bissell ProHeat cleaner. It is easy to carry and maneuver around and under furniture and other hard-to-reach areas around the house. It has a pet tool option for deep cleaning and removing stains, hair, odor, spills, and more.

  • 7-foot spot cleaning hose
  • 12-rows rotating dual-DirtLifter
  • Fast drying time
  • Power brushing action

ProHeat 2X Revolutionary technology also offers versatile cleaning modes to suit every cleaning problem you may have. The trial-size formula is antibacterial and removes allergens deep within the carpet.


Bissell SpotClean Stain Carpet Cleaner

Bissell SpotClean Stain Carpet Cleaner

The product is ideal for permanently removing spots, stains, dirt, deep-seated fibers, odors, and pet hair. Several cleaning tools remove tough stains on upholstery, stairs, and hard-to-reach areas. There’s a self-cleaning tool for effortless, lightweight, and portable convenience. The dual-tank capacity and hydro-rinse cleaning tool ensure the safe removal of buildup, pet hair, and odors after each use.

  • Compact and easy to store
  • 3-inch stain remover tool
  • Self-cleaning tool
  • Trial-size formula

The carpet cleaner makes cleaning fast, effortless, and convenient. Heatwave technology also helps maintain the correct temperature while cleaning.


Major Methods of Carpet Cleaning:

Some methods of keeping your carpet clean can include:

  1. Shampooing is effective, but it takes longer to dry.
  2. Steaming is a good method of utilizing hot water to get deep beneath the surface to draw out allergens, dust, and stains.
  3. Dry cleaning uses cleaning powders or formulas to brush away dirt and debris.

Carpet Cleaner Types

Carpet washing machine models, which allow you to easily clean even the most challenging areas thanks to the different headings included in the package, allow you to easily reach the clean appearance of your dreams with many functions and different cleaning options.

What Carpet Cleaner Package Includes?

  • Ergonomic handles that maximize your mobility,
  • Washing heads offered in large and small sizes,
  • Brush nozzle for easy cleaning of the carpet surface
  • Narrow-ended cleaning apparatus that allows cleaning the corners of the seats

Thanks to their qualified technologies, machines that offer wet and dry cleaning together can also be used as vacuum cleaners. With these machines, you can both wash your seats and carpets, as well as clean your upholstery and floors. The devices that allow you to complete your entire home cleaning with a single machine provide great convenience to their users. Carpet washing machines, which are the common choice of everyone who wants practical options in home hygiene and home cleaning, give effective results in a short time.

The water tanks in the machines offer comfort for users who are allergic to dust by instantly trapping the dust and dirt in the area you clean. If you wish, you can use vacuum cleaners with dust bags. Machines that clean and vacuum all surfaces quickly with water, deeply affect the stains and offer a perfect appearance. Staining and color changes that often occur on light-colored carpets and sofas are easily removed by wet cleaning machines.

Final Thoughts

You can create a clean, comfortable home atmosphere with any of our carpet cleaners under review. Each machine powerfully removes dirt, grime, pet messes, stains, spills, odors, and more from carpets, stairs, floors, and furniture. But we recommend Bissell 2037 carpet cleaner. It is affordable in price, lightweight, and easy to use.

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