What Is A Countertop Depth Refrigerator?

Discover everything related to countertop depth refrigerators for you to purchase immediately. Know the benefits, pros, and cons after your purchase and the correct way to buy one. Learn how to measure your kitchen to place a counter depth refrigerator and give it the best possible performance.

It’s time to learn how important it is to have a counter depth refrigerator and all the rules that you must follow to install it.

what is countertop depth refrigerator

Benefits Of Counter Depth Fridge

A counter depth refrigerator has many benefits for use in the kitchen, including:

  • Its appearance is very streamlined and modern for you to update your kitchen, making it worthy of admiration.
  • They are one or 2-inch refrigerators that extend further over the edge of your kitchen counter.
  • They have a lot of space with its double frame on doors, which allows it not to collide with something
  • With its reduced storage depth, you can access your food easily.
  • It is very easy to move into the kitchen; it does not take up much space
  • It has a height and width similar to traditional refrigerators, only more optimized for its operation.
  • It gives an extra profit if you decide to sell your home in the future.
  • They do not take up much space in your kitchen, so you get new ideas to redecorate it as you want.

Pros And Cons Of Counter Depth Refrigerator


  • They have a better appearance for you to redecorate your kitchen; this can apply significant changes to your sale.
  • It has a small space that will not be annoying so that you can move around the kitchen.
  • You can access your food more quickly.
  • You can easily clean the food refrigerator without flexing your spine, avoiding pain.
  • They have some characteristics in common with traditional refrigerators, such as their water and ice dispenser.
  • You can better organize your food by the extra drawers in the refrigerator.


  • Its 25-inch deep profile can be a lot for space you have in your kitchen for the refrigerator.
  • The vegetable and food freezer drawers are reduced so you can store less food than in a traditional refrigerator.
  • Your double-frame doors need more space on the diagonals, so you save space in-depth but not on the sides.
  • Some countertop depth refrigerators are too expensive, overpriced.

How to Measure for a Counter-Depth Refrigerator?

For you to correctly place a counter depth refrigerator in your kitchen, you must follow these steps:

  1. Give the Refrigerator a Specific Place:

You have to navigate your entire kitchen to find the perfect space to place your upgraded double-sided refrigerator. If you already have an established space where you had the traditional refrigerator, you can use it for this new acquisition. You have to measure the depth, height, and width of the refrigerator to set it in the right place in your kitchen.

  1. Measure its depth:

You have to measure the upgraded refrigerator to place it in the right place; it is usually 25 inches deep. With this measure, you exclude the doors and their double frame; you must leave space to open them without sticking on their sides.

  1. You have to measure its width:

You do not have to forget the refrigerator’s width so that it occupies the space you have chosen in the kitchen. You need to leave at least 10 inches on the refrigerator’s sides for the doors to open properly.

  1. Measure its height:

This is an additional step if you want to replace the space where the traditional refrigerator was with a deep one. In general, you will not have problems with the refrigerator’s height because it has a measurement equal to or less than the traditional ones.

How To Choose Counter-Depth?

To make a safe purchase in the counter depth refrigerator, you must know how to choose it:

  1. You must consider the size of the product in its depth, width, and height before buying it. The exterior size is one thing, and its storage is another; try to buy the largest to have room to spare.
  2. Your storage is important, and you have to choose the refrigerator with as many drawers as possible. Many of these refrigerators have three additional drawers to your refrigerator and freezer that have multiple uses.
  3. As a final but not least step, you have to think about the style you want to implement in your kitchen with this purchase. Get a deep refrigerator that has a natural look that fits the style you want your kitchen with.

With these simple steps, you will know how to choose the best counter depth refrigerator, do it right away. You have to be very organized when measuring the area, try to leave extra centimeters so that there is space, and there is no lack. You can ask for extra help from experts if you see the problem very complicated; a second opinion before buying the appliance does not hurt.

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