INKBIRD INT-11P-B: Bluetooth Meat Thermometer for Grilling and Smoking

Price: $99.99 - $75.99
# Introducing the Inkbird Tech Wireless Meat Thermometer

Are you tired of constantly checking the temperature of your meat while grilling or smoking? Look no further than the Inkbird Tech Wireless Meat Thermometer. With its dual temperature sensors and precise temperature control, this thermometer ensures that every cut of meat you cook turns out perfectly.

## Features

– **Dual Temperature Sensor**: Two temperature sensors at both ends allow you to measure ambient and food temperatures simultaneously. The food temperature range is 14~212℉, while the ambient temperature range is 32~572℉. The measurement accuracy is ±1.8℉.
– **Thin & Short Probe**: The wireless meat probe features an ultra-thin design, measuring only 0.24 inches wide and 3.26 inches long. It is also IP67 waterproof and dishwasher safe.
– **Quick Charging & Long Battery Life**: The grill thermometer dock has a built-in 500mAh lithium battery that can fully charge the probe in just 25 minutes. The wireless thermometer can be used continuously for 25 hours, making it ideal for overnight cooks.
– **Pre-Alarm & Data Storage**: This smoker thermometer can store temperature data for 30 minutes and automatically sync with the app after a Bluetooth reconnection. The app includes 26 USDA presets and various alarm functions to prevent overcooking or undercooking.
– **Sleek & Giftable Design**: The minimalist design of the case serves as both a charging case and a storage box for the probe. The food-grade stainless steel probe is rust/corrosion resistant, while the zirconia ceramic handle is highly resistant to wear and heat.

## Conclusion

The Inkbird Tech Wireless Meat Thermometer is a versatile and practical tool for any grilling or smoking enthusiast. With its precise temperature control, quick charging, and long battery life, this thermometer is sure to make your cooking experience more enjoyable. Don’t settle for overcooked or undercooked meat – invest in the Inkbird Tech Wireless Meat Thermometer today.


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