Mueller UltraToast: Stainless Steel Toaster with Wide Slots & LED Display

Price: $34.99 - $27.86

Mueller UltraToast Full Stainless Steel Toaster 2 Slice: The Perfect Addition to Your Kitchen

Are you tired of your old, unreliable toaster that always leaves your toast either undercooked or burnt? Look no further! The Mueller UltraToast Full Stainless Steel Toaster 2 Slice is here to revolutionize your toasting experience.

Full Control Over Your Toasting

With the Mueller UltraToast, you are in complete control of your toasting level. The toaster offers six browning settings, allowing you to customize your toast exactly how you like it. Whether you prefer a light golden brown or a crispy dark brown, this toaster has got you covered. The sleek touch buttons and LED display make it incredibly easy to switch between settings, ensuring a hassle-free toasting experience.

Extra-Wide Slots for All Your Favorites

No more struggling to fit your favorite thick slices of bread or bagels into a narrow toaster slot. The Mueller UltraToast features extra-wide slots, each measuring 1.7 inches wide. This means you can easily toast long slices of artisan bread, Texas toast, bagels, English muffins, and more. It’s the perfect size for the modern family with hungry mouths to feed every morning!

Effortless Cleaning and Compact Design

We understand that toasters can collect crumbs easily, but with the Mueller UltraToast, cleaning is a breeze. The toaster comes with a removable crumb tray that makes it incredibly easy to dispose of any crumbs that may accumulate. Additionally, the toaster is designed with under-base cord storage, keeping your countertop neat and tidy. Crafted with high-quality components, this brushed stainless steel toaster is not only durable but also adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

Superior Quality with Mueller

At Mueller, we are committed to providing you with only the best quality products designed to make your life easier. The UltraToast Full Stainless Steel Toaster 2 Slice is no exception. However, if you ever need any assistance or have any questions, our professional customer support team is always here to help. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Upgrade your toasting experience today with the Mueller UltraToast Full Stainless Steel Toaster 2 Slice. Say goodbye to burnt toast and hello to perfectly toasted slices every time!


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