Swagon Nut Milk Maker: Homemade Plant-Based Beverages Machine

Price: $79.99

Introducing the Swagon Multi-Functional Nut Milk Maker Machine

Are you tired of spending money on store-bought nut milk and smoothies? Look no further! The Swagon Multi-Functional Nut Milk Maker Machine is here to revolutionize your homemade beverage game. With its smart and convenient features, this machine is a must-have for every health-conscious individual.

Smooth Blending for a Perfect Beverage

The Swagon Nut Milk Maker Machine is equipped with unique and customized blades that have undergone extensive testing in our lab. The 3-layer 6-blade strong cross stainless steel blades ensure a smooth blending experience. The upper blades crush large pieces of food, the middle blades crush wall fragments, and the lower blades flip the bottom. This allows for thorough mixing and ensures the smooth taste of your beverage.

Effortless Cleaning with a Single Click

Cleaning kitchen appliances can often be a tedious task, but not with the Swagon Nut Milk Maker Machine. This machine is designed with an automatic cleaning function that only requires a single click. Simply press the function key, and the machine will take care of the rest. The blades and agitator tanks can be easily cleaned, saving you time and effort.

Convenience, Intelligence, and Safety Combined

Homemade milk is just a button away with the Swagon Nut Milk Maker Machine. No pre-soaking is required – simply add your ingredients, select the desired program by pressing the function/cancel button, and let the machine do its magic. It will automatically preheat, grind, and cook your ingredients, ensuring a safe and delicious beverage. The machine also features triple security protection and a visualization window to track the food polishing and cooking process.

Quiet Operation and Compact Size

No one wants a noisy kitchen appliance disturbing the peace. The Swagon Nut Milk Maker Machine operates with minimal noise, providing a comfortable environment while it works its magic. Additionally, its compact size of 6.69″D x 4.72″W x 11.81″H makes it easy to carry and store. With a capacity of 900 ml (30oz), it can serve 3-4 people, making it suitable for family use.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create delicious and healthy homemade beverages effortlessly. Get your Swagon Multi-Functional Nut Milk Maker Machine today and start enjoying the benefits of fresh, homemade drinks!


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