Toshiba EM131A5C-SS Microwave Oven: Smart, Efficient, and Stylish

Price: $149.99 - $119.99

Toshiba 1.2 Cubic Feet 1100 Watt Stainless Steel Microwave: The Perfect Addition to Your Kitchen

Are you in need of a compact yet powerful microwave for your apartment kitchen or office break room? Look no further than the Toshiba 1.2 Cubic Feet 1100 Watt Stainless Steel microwave. This sleek and stylish appliance is not only convenient but also packed with features that will make your cooking experience a breeze.

Sensor Reheating for Optimal Cooking

With the touch of a button, the sensor reheating feature allows you to cook six of the most popular food items to perfection. No more guesswork or overcooking! This microwave takes the hassle out of meal preparation and ensures that your food is always delicious and evenly cooked.

Customizable Power Levels and Cooking Combinations

Choose from ten power levels, up to 1100 watts, to suit your specific cooking needs. Whether you’re defrosting, reheating, or cooking from scratch, this microwave has got you covered. Additionally, you can program up to three favorite time and power combinations for quick and convenient one-touch cooking.

User-Friendly Design

The Toshiba microwave is designed with your convenience in mind. The large digital display not only shows the cooking time remaining but also doubles as a clock and countdown timer. The easy-to-read control panel and large, easy-to-grip door handle make operating this microwave a breeze.

Stylish and Spacious

Featuring a black exterior and a stainless steel finish, this microwave adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen decor. With a capacity of 1.2 cubic feet, it can easily accommodate a 12-inch pizza, making it perfect for family meals or entertaining guests. The removable turntable adds versatility and allows for even heating of your favorite dishes.

Mute Function and Warranty

If you prefer a quieter cooking experience, the Toshiba microwave offers a mute function. Simply long-press the “8” button for 3-5 seconds, and the buzzer will be automatically switched off after a long beep.

Rest assured, this microwave comes with a 1-year warranty. Remember to keep the packaging for contacting Toshiba after-service and product returns.

Upgrade your kitchen with the Toshiba 1.2 Cubic Feet 1100 Watt Stainless Steel microwave and enjoy the convenience and style it brings to your cooking routine.


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