Twenty39 qarbo CLASSIC: Sparkling Water Maker & Beverage Carbonator

Price: $181.99 - $119.00

Introducing the Twenty39 qarbo CLASSIC Sparkling Water Maker Machine

Slimline and Lightweight
Crafted using injection-molded plastic, the Twenty39 qarbo CLASSIC Sparkling Water Maker Machine is slimline and lightweight, making it easy to transport and clean. The electroplated finish adds durability, while the Pull & Twist extendable base ensures extra stability.

Elegance in Function
The qarbo CLASSIC embodies elegance and ingenuity, allowing you to enhance your hydration routine with ease. Experiment with infusing pure flavors directly into your beverages, expanding beyond traditional carbonated water.

Sophisticated with Better Carbonation
Unlike other soda makers, the qarbo CLASSIC features a pressure release system that maximizes CO2 absorption in your beverages, ensuring a perfect fizz every time.

Enhanced Flavor Infusion
Empower your family’s taste preferences and well-being by infusing natural flavors from fresh ingredients or your favorite syrups directly into the bottle. Take control of your health and flavor preferences with the qarbo CLASSIC.

Sparkling Water is Just the Beginning
With the AirCharge two-stage pressure release valve, you can carbonate wine, beer, or even infuse fruits and syrups directly in the bottle without losing fizz. The possibilities are endless with the qarbo CLASSIC.

Infuse Fresh Fruit Flavors
The wide mouth design of the bottles included with the qarbo CLASSIC makes it easy to add cut-up pieces of your favorite fruit for a burst of flavor. The bottles also feature measurements for precise syrup mixing.

3 Year Warranty
Enjoy peace of mind with the qarbo CLASSIC’s 3-year warranty, ensuring that you can sparkle anything, anywhere. Contact customer support with any issues for prompt assistance.

Complete Package
Each purchase includes the qarbo CLASSIC Beverage Maker, Aircharge Cap, and two bottles with storage caps. The machine uses standard CO2 cartridges (sold separately) and is compatible with 60L cylinders available on Amazon or at local retailers.

Free Recipe Book
Register your qarbo CLASSIC to receive a free recipe e-book and join a community of beverage enthusiasts sharing their favorite healthy and creative recipes. Explore new flavors and creations with the help of qarbo.


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