Ultimate KitchenAid Hand Mixer: Turbo Beater II & Pro Whisk – Candy Apple Red

Price: $109.99 - $79.95

Introducing the 9-Speed Mixer with Exclusive Accessory Pack

Mix, knead whip and blend all of your favorite recipes with this 9-Speed Mixer featuring an Exclusive Accessory Pack. This hand mixer is designed to make your kitchen tasks easier and more efficient.

Powerful and Versatile

The 9-Speed Mixer comes standard with 2 Turbo Beater II Accessories, 2 Dough Hooks, a Pro Whisk, Blending Rod, and Storage Bag. With these accessories, you have everything you need to tackle any recipe. Whether you’re whipping up a batch of cookies or kneading bread dough, this mixer can handle it all.

Soft Start Feature

One of the standout features of this mixer is the Soft Start Feature. This feature brings the beaters up to the selected speed gradually, helping to prevent ingredients from splattering. Say goodbye to messy countertops and hello to perfectly mixed batters.

Convenient Design

The 9-Speed Mixer is designed with convenience in mind. The cord can be locked into either the left or right side of the mixer, allowing you to approach ingredients from any angle. The round cord is also easy to wipe clean, ensuring that your mixer always looks its best.

Comfortable Mixing

The Soft Grip Handle provides comfort while mixing, so you can easily and effortlessly create your culinary masterpieces. No more hand fatigue or discomfort, just smooth and enjoyable mixing every time.

Easy Accessory Removal

With the single-handed press of a button, you can easily and quickly remove any accessory from the hand mixer. No more struggling to detach or replace attachments, making your cooking experience more efficient and enjoyable.

In conclusion, the 9-Speed Mixer with Exclusive Accessory Pack is a must-have for any kitchen. Its powerful and versatile features, along with its convenient design and easy accessory removal, make it a top choice for both amateur and professional chefs. Upgrade your mixing game with this incredible hand mixer.


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