Zhiqinge French Door Refrigerator Spring Set: Premium Replacement

Price: $13.99 - $12.99

Introducing the Zhiqinge Refrigerator French Door Spring: A Premium Replacement Repair Solution

Designed for Compatibility
The Zhiqinge Refrigerator French Door Spring is a new premium heavy-duty replacement part crafted to specifically match the original specifications of LG MHY62044103. It is designed to seamlessly fit into various refrigerator models, including but not limited to 71092, 71093, 71099, 72032, 72033, 72034, 72036, 72039, LFX25973ST, LFX25973SB, LFX25973SW, LFX25974SB, LFX25974SW, LFX28979SB, LFX28979ST, LFX28979SW, LFX28991ST, LFX28995ST, LSMX211ST, LMX25986SB, LMX25986SW (with COUNTER-CLOCKWISE winding only).

Optimal Tension and Stability
Measuring approximately 1-1/8″ in length and featuring a counterclockwise winding direction, this refrigerator spring offers optimal tension and stability. This critical feature ensures smooth and controlled movement of your French doors, preventing any unwanted swinging or imbalance.

Premium Quality and Durability
Rest assured that the Zhiqinge Refrigerator French Door Spring is brand new and has never been used or opened. With precise engineering and attention to detail, it provides a secure attachment and reliable performance, giving you peace of mind that your refrigerator doors are safe and functioning properly.

Long-lasting Performance
Investing in a high-quality replacement like the Zhiqinge French Refrigerator Spring can help prolong the lifespan of your refrigerator. Its durable construction and premium materials make it resistant to wear and tear, ensuring that it will endure frequent usage and continue to deliver optimal performance for years to come.

In conclusion, the Zhiqinge Refrigerator French Door Spring is a top-of-the-line replacement repair solution that offers compatibility, stability, durability, and long-lasting performance. Upgrade your refrigerator with this premium spring and enjoy peace of mind knowing your French doors are in good hands.


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