ZOOFOX Sandwich Maker: Grilled Panini & Toasted Sandwich Maker Pan

Price: $19.99

Introducing the Easy Care Non-Stick Grilled Sandwich Maker

Looking for a convenient and versatile cooking tool for your kitchen? Look no further than the Easy Care Non-Stick Grilled Sandwich Maker. This innovative pan is designed to make cooking delicious sandwiches, waffles, barbecues, steaks, and more a breeze.

Easy Care and Maintenance

The non-stick grilled sandwich maker pan is removable and easy to clean. After use, simply let it cool down and wipe it with a damp cloth or wash it with neutral detergent in warm water. No more scrubbing or soaking required!

Simple to Use

These stovetop sandwich makers heat up quickly, allowing you to cook your favorite foods in no time. Just place your sandwich in the pan, close it with the latch, cook for 2 minutes on each side, and voilà – a perfectly cooked meal in minutes!

Wide Application

Our aluminum flip pans are not just for sandwiches – they can be used to make waffles, barbecues, steaks, and more. Whether you’re cooking over a campfire, gas stove, or electric ceramic stove, this sandwich maker is a versatile addition to your kitchen arsenal.

Package Details

Each sandwich maker measures approximately 5.9″ L x 5.3″ W x 14.2″ H (including the handle). The handle is comfortable, heat-insulated, and durable, making it easy to use. Plus, it features an O-ring and iron lock for convenient, space-saving storage.

Don’t wait any longer to elevate your cooking game with the Easy Care Non-Stick Grilled Sandwich Maker. Order yours today and enjoy delicious meals with ease!


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