Almond Cow Kitchen Recipe Book: 35 Vegan Nut Milk Machine Recipes

Price: $21.95


Publisher: Almond Cow (February 1, 2021)


Language: English

Product Details

Ring-bound: 0 pages
ISBN-10: 1737098016
ISBN-13: 978-1737098010
Item Weight: 1.96 pounds


The product being reviewed is a publication by Almond Cow, released on February 1, 2021. It is a ring-bound book with a focus on providing information in the English language. This article aims to provide an overview and assessment of the product’s details.


The publisher of this product is Almond Cow, a notable company known for its expertise in the field. With their experience and reputation, readers can expect a well-crafted and insightful publication.


The publication is available in the English language, making it accessible to a wide range of readers. This ensures that individuals who are fluent in English can fully understand and benefit from the information presented.

Product Details

The product is ring-bound, indicating that it is designed for easy flipping and browsing. This feature allows readers to navigate through the content effortlessly, making it a convenient choice.

The book has 0 pages, which may seem unusual at first. However, this could suggest that the publication is more of a reference guide or a collection of resources rather than a traditional narrative.

The ISBN-10 code for this product is 1737098016, while the ISBN-13 code is 978-1737098010. These unique identification numbers provide a standardized way to locate and purchase the publication.

The item weight of the product is 1.96 pounds. This information is essential for individuals who may consider the weight of the publication when carrying it around or shipping it to different locations.


In conclusion, this publication by Almond Cow offers valuable information in the English language. With its ring-bound design and comprehensive details, it is a convenient and informative resource for readers. Whether it is used as a reference guide or for leisurely reading, this product is worth considering.


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