Arcmira Nut Milk Maker: Homemade Plant-Based Milk, Delay Start/Keep Warm/Boil Water, Includes Nut Milk Bag (Yellow)

Price: $109.99 - $99.99

Dairy-Free Nut Milk Maker

The Arcmira milk maker is a revolutionary product that allows you to make fresh plant-based milk in minutes. With this innovative machine, you can create delicious and nutritious dairy-free milk from nuts, seeds, grains, and beans. Not only is it an economical choice compared to buying cartons of milk, but it also helps reduce your carbon footprint.

One-touch Automatic Program

The Arcmira milk maker takes the hassle out of making vegan milk. It eliminates the need for soaking the ingredients, saving you time and effort. This versatile machine offers various functions to meet your specific needs. The Room Temperature function is perfect for chilled nut milk, while the Warm setting is ideal for warm beverages. If you want to make soy or rice milk, the Hot function is the way to go. Additionally, it features Boil Water, Keep Warm, and Delay Start functions for added convenience. The Self Clean option ensures easy cleanup with a 60-second rinse cycle.

Smooth Blending

The Arcmira machine is equipped with unique and customized blades that have undergone extensive testing in our lab. The 6-blade strong cross stainless steel blades are designed to extract nutrients with ease. Two of the blades are shark-shaped, allowing for efficient nutrient extraction. With these sharp blades, you can easily blend a variety of ingredients. The built-in quadrilateral stirring column ensures that all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, resulting in a smooth and delicious beverage.

Special LED Screen Design

The Arcmira milk maker features a simple and smart LED screen that provides accurate timing and temperature control. You can easily monitor the progress of your milk-making process with the LED screen. The machine also has overheating prevention and automatic shut-off functions for safety. Additionally, it emits a beep sound after the program finishes, so you can attend to other tasks without constantly monitoring it.

Come with Accessories

To enhance your milk-making experience, the Arcmira milk maker comes with practical accessories. These include a nut milk bag for straining the milk, a cleaning brush for easy maintenance, measuring spoons for precise ingredient measurements, and a recipe book for inspiration. We have carefully selected these accessories to ensure that you have everything you need to enjoy a healthier plant-based diet with our nut milk maker.

In conclusion, the Arcmira milk maker is a game-changer in the world of dairy-free milk. Its innovative features, such as the one-touch automatic program, smooth blending capabilities, special LED screen design, and included accessories, make it a must-have for anyone looking to take control of their nutrition and enjoy a wide variety of plant-based milks and beverages. Say goodbye to store-bought cartons of milk and hello to fresh and customized dairy-free milk with the Arcmira milk maker.


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