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Best Egg Cooker Reviews

Eggs are a popular staple in many diets worldwide. Persons enjoy eggs in various ways, including hard-boiled, soft, scrambled, poached, omelet-style, or medium.

An egg cooker is an ideal machine to help prepare multiple eggs to help satisfy any preference all in one go. They prepare eggs easily and quickly for a range of meals and entertaining needs.

Reviews of the Best Egg Cookers

We did a detailed research before we bought an egg cooker. We have experienced some products. We have listed the best ones and the ones that score well based on real user reviews.

Here is the best ones:

Dash Deluxe Rapid Electric Egg Cooker

Dash Deluxe Rapid Electric Egg Cooker

The cooker’s versatility helps create various egg dishes along with seafood, vegetables, steamed dumplings, or warming flatbreads. There are 12 egg holders, a seven-slot poacher tray, a measuring cup, an omelet bowl, a recipe guide, and a transparent lid.

The trendy, compact, space-saving double-decker design works quickly and efficiently for consistent results. It’s dishwasher safe, easy to use, and maintain.


Dash Electric Egg Cooker & Air Fryer

dash best egg cooker

You can prepare up to six boiled eggs or an omelet in the dash Electric egg cooker. The stylish, compact design saves space and complements any kitchen décor.

There’s a separate poaching tray to prepare two eggs, and the unit is easy and safe to operate by children and adults. The egg cooker is fast and prepares different styles of eggs in minutes. The auto shut-off feature indicates when the eggs are complete, and it also helps prevent overcooking.

Moreover, the egg cooker is lightweight and portable, and ideal for camping trips and other outdoor events.


West Bend 2-Slice Breakfast Station & Egg Cooker

westbend egg cooker

The west Bend breakfast station and egg cooker do it all in one easy batch. You can have a full breakfast on the table in less than five minutes. The machine works as a toaster for bread and bagels, a heater for other meats and vegetables, and an egg cooker.

There are two poaching trays for poached or scrambled eggs, and eight egg cups for soft or hard-boiled eggs. You can use each machine setting separately or simultaneously for convenience.


AggCoddler Porcelain & Silicone Egg Cookers

AggCoddler Porcelain & Silicone Egg Cookers

There are four colorful egg cups for you and each family member to create eggs just how you like them. Place the egg in each cup and top with cheese, spinach, bacon, spices, salmon, or vegetables.

The porcelain and silicone materials are easy to clean, microwavable, and dishwasher safe. While using the Aggcoddler egg cookers, you’ll experience fewer spills for easier cleanups.


Nakamura Copper-made Egg Cooker

Nakamura Copper-made Egg Cooker

The revolutionary copper-made egg cooker is perfect for creating fluffy baked, yaki, datemaki, or dashi-style egg dishes. The non-stick, easy to clean copper surface helps spread heat throughout the pan for precise results.

The pan can cook between three to five eggs in one batch and does not burn. It produces crispy, deliciously baked omelets and other egg creations in minutes.


AggCoddler Set of 2 XXL Porcelain & Silicon Egg Cookers

AggCoddler Set of 2 XXL Porcelain & Silicon Egg Cookers

Unlike some egg cookers with a glass or metal lining, the AggCoddler model comprises porcelain and silicon cooking bases. They are easy to use, clean, and dishwasher and microwave safe.

The two-piece set holds two extra-large eggs or three regular-sized eggs for customized egg dishes under ten minutes.


KRUPS F23070 Egg Cooker

krups best egg cooker

The F23070 egg cooker holds up to seven eggs at a time for creating individualized egg dishes for the entire family. There are two poaching trays, a see-through lid, a measuring cup, and an egg piercer to reduce cracking while cooking.

You can enjoy eggs at any time, with no oil or frying for healthier meal options.


Pampered Chef Ceramic Egg Cooker

Pampered Chef Ceramic Egg Cooker

The elegant ceramic microwave egg poacher thrives on the excellence of the Pampered Chef brand of cooking products.

You can cook up to four poached or scrambled eggs at a time in a few minutes. There’s a silicone sleeve for a more secure grip. It protects your hands from burns when handling the cup.


How Do Egg Cookers Work?

Most egg cookers use water on a hot plate-style cooking base to help prepare eggs quickly and efficiently. Most egg cookers operate by adding water to the base. The heat produces steam and cooks the eggs to the results you desire.

How to Use Egg Cookers?

  • Add the correct water volume depending on the number of eggs and the recipe you desire.
  • Prick a small hole at the tip of each egg. Place in the cooker facing up.
  • Cover the lid and switch the cooker on.
  • At the finish prompt, remove the eggs; let cool, or peel and serve immediately.

Unlike complex electronic devices, egg cooking machines, which are very easy to use, are from different brands, but their usage patterns are generally the same. Depending on the cooking style, it is necessary to wash the egg with cold water before putting it in the machine, which cooks eggs for different times and needs different amounts of water. We recommend that you make a few small holes in the egg so that there are no cracks on the eggs and the eggs do not burst under pressure.

Before placing the eggs in the machine, depending on the way the eggs are cooked, the required amount of water is added to the base of the appliance and the appliance must be positioned correctly before adding water. The amount of water to be added should not exceed the points specified on the device, and the eggs are placed in the device with the narrow and pierced part of the egg on top. After the cover of the device is completely closed, the opening button is pressed and the cover of the device opens in case the light goes out or the alarm goes off depending on the features of the device. Especially in devices that steam the eggs, steam is expected to come out first and then the eggs are removed.

What Is A Hard-Boiled Egg Cooker?

Most egg cookers produce a range of egg consistencies from soft to medium, depending on the amount of water you use. A hard-boiled egg cooker depends on the right amount of water to produce correctly done hard-boiled eggs.

Is the Egg Cooker Healthy?

When boiling in water, the iron mineral is lost in the egg yolk that is cooked a lot. At the same time, the bad smell in the overcooked egg and the green layer around the egg yolk indicates that sulfur has formed in the egg.

Since egg cooking machines cook eggs in full consistency and with the right method, the vitamins in the food are not lost and the bad smell that occurs during normal cooking does not occur.

The steaming technique, which is considered the healthiest cooking method among the cooking techniques, is the most important feature of egg cooking machines. Eggs cooked in a very short time in steam become healthier and more delicious as they do not lose their nutritional value.


If you’re tired of the hassle and guess-work when cooking eggs, then an egg cooker is your best bet. They can prepare the perfect hard-boiled, poached, deviled, soft medium or scrambled eggs in minutes.

Our top choice is the Dash Electric Egg Cooker and Air Fryer. You get an economical, versatile cooker for preparing eggs every which way, including desserts, deep-fried foods, and appetizers.

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