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Best Soda Makers

The best soda makers on the market offer variety in carbonation levels, size of the canister, and more. Whether you’re looking for a small machine to make two liters at a time or a large professional model that will hold up to one hundred pounds of sugar syrup, we have something for you!

Best Soda Maker Reviews

Below we have listed the best products for budget, feature or every need. You can check the features of these products and buy them on Amazon.

We have tested and enjoyed the best soda makers here for you.

Best Overall: Drinkmate Home Carbonate System

drinkmate best soda maker

Any liquid can be carbonated with this soda manufacturer. It has a minimal footprint, making it ideal for small kitchens, RVs, dorm quarters, and other spaces with restricted space. It comes in three colors: black, white, and red, and includes a 3-ounce carbonation cylinder to get you off. When you give in your empty CO2 cylinders, the manufacturer has a trade-in offer where you can get a discount on new ones.


  • Minimal footprint
  • 3 colors (black, red, white)
  • Comes with 3 ounce carbonation cylinder
  • Discount upon trading of your old cylinder

Best Runner-Up: KitchenAid Soda Maker

kitchenaid best soda maker

It has a deluxe style and production. It uses SodaStream accessories such as the CO2 carbonator and flavors. It costs almost three times as much as our top choice and comes with a one-year guarantee. The pressure scale on the appliance helps you to keep track of how much carbonation you’re infusing.


  • 8 colors
  • 1 year guarantee
  • Pressure scale guides carbonation level

Sparkliest Water: DrinkMate InstaFizz Stainless Steel Carbonation Bottle

drinkmate soda maker

The model from DrinkMate is both the bottle and the appliance, all in one unit. The bottle produces carbonated water in a few seconds! No charging is needed and the whole process is done in less than one minute. The only drawback: you will use one CO2 canister to make 2-3 bottles of sparkling water, meaning that you will have to refill the CO2 frequently. However, the bottle is famously known for its strong and long-lasting fizz. You cannot go wrong with DrinkMate InstaFizz top-rated bottle for high-quality sparkliest water.


  • Portable
  • No charging
  • Can only make 2-3 bottles of sparkling water with 1 canister
  • Strong, long lasting fizz

Best Design: Aarke Premium Carbonator

aarke best soda maker

Take a look at the slim, modern, and metallic-clad Aarke radiator. Although the screw-in bottle connection isn’t like the SodaStream ones, it uses a lever instead of a snap-in nozzle. But, no matter what carbonation the soda has, it won’t affect the flavor.


  • Premium look
  • Lever instead of snap-in nozzle

Best Budget: SodaStream Fizzi

aarke best soda maker

SodaStream Fizzi is the best if you want a really nice machine at a good price. It gets about as close to our top score for producing carbonated water with consistent bubbles. SodaStream Fizzi is simple to use as well; simply put your bottle into the clamp, and start pushing it around In fact, with heat, the caps of the Fizzy bottles don’t leak. The CO2 injector sits at the end of the line, so no water can form in the nozzle and ice up the machine. You can also adjust the carbonation of the water by merely clicking the switch.


  • Budget
  • Consistent bubbles
  • Simple to use
  • Can adjust carbonation

Best Innovation: Spärkel Beverage System

sparkel best soda maker

Alcohol, tea, juice, and spirits may all be carbonated with the Spärkel Beverage System. The kit arrives with individual packages of powdered carbonators instead of a regular CO2 cylinder. Each package contains the exact amount of CO2 needed to fizz one container. The soda machine illuminates the container as it carbonates, and there are five different degrees of carbonation to pick from.


  • Illuminating soda machine
  • Can pick between 5 degrees of carbonation
  • Arrives in individual carbonation packs

Best Handheld Soda Maker: Nuvantee Soda Siphon

nuvantee best soda maker

The carbonated water is released via the pressurized handle of this soda creator through a siphon mechanism. The siphon prevents gas from leaking, expanding the CO2 cartridge’s existence. One 12 gram canister of CO2 can provide 3-4 complete cups of water. It’s necessary to remember that this siphon is not dishwasher resistant, and you can just use non-abrasive cleaners to clean it.


  • Carbonation released via pressuration handle
  • Siphon mechanism
  • 12g canister provides 3-4 complete cups of carbonated soda
  • Non-dishwasher resistant

Best for Cocktails: iSi Soda Siphon

best soda maker for cocktails

With a compact and user-friendly unit, you will get excellent end results in your glasses. The unit works best for cocktails, from a simple soda and lime to more complex cocktail recipes. Additionally, the cartridges are extremely handy and help to make everything manageable. The unit can even give carbonation without any electricity or batteries. However, in comparison to other carbonation options, carbonating a beverage without power requires several steps, including freezing the machine. If you don’t mind the extra steps, the Siphon is one of the best carbonation machines available on the market – perfect for the novice barman.


  • Best for cocktails
  • Handy cartridges
  • No battery/electricity needed
  • Requires deeper understanding of the machine

Easiest Soda Maker: SodaStream Fizzi One Touch

easy soda maker

The SodaStream Fizzi Touch, the only home soda maker to which we have to attach to a power source, is great! Additionally, you can have different levels of carbonated water with three layers of button presses. Since it doesn’t need manual instruction, this soda machine is our top rating for user-friendliness. the One Touch press renders 2.5 times as fizzy as “normal and triples the bubbles of it Carbonation doesn’t matter.


  • Easiest to use
  • Attached power source
  • Different levels of carbonation
  • 2.5 times more fizzi than traditional machines

Best Pro Set-Up: Elkay by BluPura

setup soda maker

Elkay is not the simplest soda machine to set up: it takes some investment and resources. However, if you’re searching for a long-term sparkling water solution, this has a lot of advantages, including the dynamic flow system at the tap. You can be sure Elkay brings the correct flow through your drinks. It is without a doubt the finest sparkling water pump on the market! It’s a bit pricey, but it saves a lot of time. Besides, using the machine is so much better for the environment than opening soda bottles or utilizing other plastic carbonation systems.


  • Hard to use
  • Best for pro-bartenders
  • Flow system and tap
  • Pricey
  • Better carbonation
  • Better for the environment

Things To Consider When Buying A Soda Maker 

Countertop vs. Handheld: Single-serve coffee makers aren’t any bigger than countertop soda makers. However, consider getting a handheld model if you don’t have much room on your countertop. Besides, for picnics in the park or weekend getaways, portable soda makers are ideal.

Versatility: The majority of soda makers simply carbonate water, necessitating you to add any preferred flavorings later. However, some models like the iSi Soda Syphon will carbonate a variety of liquids, including fruit juice and cocktails. There are several simple versions available at a much lower cost if you only want to make carbonated water.

CO2: Buying a soda maker is a long-term investment because you’ll have to keep repurchasing CO2. If you want to make soda on a regular basis, a soda maker with a larger CO2 tank is your best choice.

How To Use A Soda Maker

The way to use a soda machine will depend on the brand and the machine itself. However, here are a few pointers to ensure that you will always get excellent sparkling drinks.

  1. Ensure that the CO2 container is screwed tightly with the machine
  2. Make sure that you always use the bottle that comes with the machine only. 
  3. Use cold water if possible to make carbonation easier
  4. Your bottle must be properly screwed to the machine before carbonation. This prevents any loss of CO2. 
  5. For first-time use, go slower when carbonating your drinks to get used to the machine
  6. Unscrew the bottle carefully from the machine 


The DrinkMate soda machine is the best for those who want a high-quality fizzy drink on an affordable budget. With its versatile features and compact size, you can keep it in any room of your house without taking up too much space! For just under $100 dollars, this deal will not break the bank either! Check out SodaStream Fizzi’s quality machines that are also priced at less than $100 for even more versatility to match all needs.

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