Efficient Soymilk Maker for Commercial Use

Price: $627.88

Product Review: Commercial Soymilk Maker

The Commercial Soymilk Maker is a game-changer in the food industry, offering a reliable and efficient solution for producing fresh and nutritious soymilk on a large scale. Let’s delve into the features and benefits of this innovative product.


  • Material: cast aluminum body
  • Power: 750W
  • Voltage: 220/240V
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Net Weight: 22KG
  • Efficiency: 40KG/H
  • Product Size: 32*31.5*66.5 cm
  • Package Size: 34*35*74 cm

Main Features:

Commercial Grade: The Commercial Soymilk Maker is built to withstand the demands of commercial use, ensuring durability and longevity.

High Performance: With a powerful 750W motor, this soymilk maker can churn out up to 40KG of soymilk per hour, making it ideal for high-volume production.

Healthy Nutrition: By producing fresh soymilk without any additives or preservatives, this machine promotes a healthier lifestyle for consumers looking for clean and nutritious options.

Versatile Use: In addition to soymilk, this maker can also whip up almond milk, rice milk, and oat milk, catering to a diverse customer base with varied dietary preferences.

Easy to Clean: The stainless steel components of the soymilk maker are easy to clean and sanitize, ensuring that hygiene standards are met and maintained without hassle.

Personal Opinion:

As a food industry professional, I have had the pleasure of using the Commercial Soymilk Maker in my business, and I must say, it has exceeded my expectations. The robust construction and high-performance motor have made production a breeze, while the ability to offer a range of milk alternatives has significantly expanded my menu offerings. The easy-to-clean design is a huge plus, saving me time and effort in maintaining sanitation standards. Overall, I highly recommend the Commercial Soymilk Maker for any business looking to streamline their milk production process and provide customers with quality, healthy beverages.


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