Nut Milk Maker Machine: 20 oz Automatic Almond Milk Machine

Price: $89

Product Review: Soy Milk Maker Machine

Main Features:

  • Convenient: Soy/Nut Milk – 27 min, Rice Paste – 25 min, Fruit Juice – 2 min, Corn Juice – 27 min, Health Tea -10 min, Hot Water – 6 min (no soaking required)
  • Delay Time: This device has delay timers (up to 12 hours) for convenient usage
  • Small size: Portable and space-saving design


Easy to Use & No Soaking Required: The almond milk maker does not require pre-soaking of nuts and grains. Simply add the ingredients and press a button to enjoy homemade lactose-free almond milk, oat milk, and soy milk beverages.

Makes Smooth Nut Milk: With a powerful motor and stainless steel blades, this nut milk maker can produce dregs-free nut milk in seconds, ensuring a smooth taste.

Smart LED Screen Design: The LED screen provides accurate timing and temperature control, with overheating prevention and automatic shut-off features.

Auto Clean & Auto Timer: The machine has a cleaning function and delay start options, making it easy to maintain and use.


As a user of the Soy Milk Maker Machine, I can confidently say that it has transformed my daily routine. The convenience of not having to pre-soak nuts and grains is a game-changer, and the smooth nut milk it produces is delicious. The smart LED screen and auto timer make using the machine a breeze, and the compact size fits perfectly in my kitchen. Overall, I highly recommend this product for anyone looking to make healthy and tasty beverages at home.

Final Verdict:

The Soy Milk Maker Machine is a top-notch product that delivers on its promises. With its ease of use, efficient performance, and space-saving design, it’s a must-have for anyone who enjoys homemade nut milks and beverages. Invest in this machine and elevate your daily drinks to a whole new level.


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