Ultimate Wireless Meat Thermometer: Chef iQ Smart – Perfect for BBQ, Oven, Smoker & More!

Price: $129.99 - $94.99

Introducing the Smart Thermometer: The Perfect Tool for Juicy and Tender Meals

We are proud to present the world’s thinnest wireless cooking thermometer, packed with advanced sensors to ensure that your steak, chicken, or fish turns out tender and juicy every time. With the Smart Thermometer, you can say goodbye to overcooked or undercooked meals.

Precision Cooking with Advanced Sensors

The Smart Thermometer keeps precise track of your food’s internal temperature, thanks to its accurate sensors that are within 1˚F. This allows you to cook your food precisely the way you like it, guaranteeing maximum flavor and tenderness.

Stay Connected with WiFi or Bluetooth®

Connect your Smart Thermometer to WiFi or Bluetooth® and enjoy the freedom to roam. The unlimited connectivity range ensures that you don’t have to hover over the grill, stove, or oven. You can entertain your guests, prepare other food, or watch the game while staying connected to your cooking.

The Smart Hub: Your Cooking Command Center

The Smart Hub acts as a command center for your cooking experience. It provides voice alerts through its built-in speakers and relays important information to your phone. With the Smart Hub, you can conveniently monitor your cooking and receive real-time notifications.

Powered by the CHEF iQ App

Take your cooking to the next level with the free Chef iQ App. This app allows you to monitor your cooking from anywhere, providing you with the flexibility and convenience you need. It offers hundreds of Guided Cooking recipes, an interactive cooking guide, and real-time cooking notifications.

Additional Features for Your Convenience

  • Waterproof probe: The Smart Thermometer comes with a waterproof probe, making it safe and easy to use.
  • Air-fryer and deep-fryer safe: You can use the Smart Thermometer with air-fryers and deep-fryers without any worries.
  • Monitors cooking in real time: Stay in control of your cooking process with real-time monitoring.

With the Smart Thermometer and the power of the Chef iQ App, you can achieve perfect results every time you cook. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to delicious, perfectly cooked meals.


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