West Bend 77222: QuikServe Toaster with Bagel & Gluten-Free Settings

Price: $42.99

Introducing the West Bend QuikServe Toaster

West Bend toasters bring together style, design, and functionality. The West Bend QuikServe toaster browns bread in less than 2 minutes, making it one of the fastest toasters on the market. Its sleek design takes up minimal countertop space.

Designed for Convenience

This compact toaster includes a built-in serving tray that can be closed for storage and easily removed for cleaning. Finished toast slides through onto the serving tray, making breakfast time a breeze.

Easy-To-Use Electronic Controls

The West Bend QuikServe toaster features 7 shade settings, making it simple to achieve your preferred shade of done and ensure consistent toasting. The convenient cancel button stops the toasting cycle, giving you full control over your toast.

Bagel & Gluten-Free Setting

This bagel toaster goes above and beyond with a special bagel setting that toasts just one side, perfect for that classic bagel texture. It also includes a gluten-free setting that toasts for longer, at a lower power, producing better results for gluten-free breads.

OPERATION NOTICE: Tray must be in the open/down position for the toaster to operate. Remember to clean the crumb tray after each use to keep your toaster in top condition.


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