11050 Professional Waterproof Meat Thermometer: NSF Certified

Price: $30.00 - $21.98

DeltaTrak 11050 FlashCheck Waterproof Lollipop Min/Max Auto-Cal Thermometer

The DeltaTrak 11050 FlashCheck Waterproof Lollipop Thermometer with Jumbo Digital Display is a must-have for food establishments and distribution centers. This thermometer is trusted by industry professionals worldwide due to its reliability and accuracy.

With features like auto-calibration, min/max memory, and a small-diameter probe, this thermometer is perfect for measuring the temperature of “thin mass” foods such as meat patties and chicken/fish fillets. The waterproof rating of IP65 allows for its use in almost any environment, wet or dry.

Main Features:

  • Dual Temperature Scale: Easily switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius (°F/°C) as needed
  • Min/Max Memory: Document minimum and maximum temperature readings for easy record-keeping
  • Jumbo Display: Large display for easy viewing even from across the room
  • Small-diameter Probe: Measures the temperature of “thin mass” food
  • Waterproof Rating of IP65: Can be used in any environment
  • Auto-Calibration: Quick and simple calibration procedure

Benefits and Uses:

The DeltaTrak 11050 thermometer is perfect for restaurant kitchens, special event buffet tables, and outdoor grilling. Its fast response time of 2 seconds ensures that your food is always cooked to perfection. The NSF certification guarantees superior build quality, making it a reliable tool for any cooking environment.

Personal Opinion:

I have found the DeltaTrak 11050 thermometer to be an essential tool in my kitchen. Its accuracy and ease of use make it a standout product for anyone who loves cooking. The jumbo display and waterproof design add to its convenience, and the auto-calibration feature ensures accurate temperature readings every time. Overall, I highly recommend this thermometer for both professional and home use.

With a 1-year limited warranty and NSF certification, the DeltaTrak 11050 FlashCheck Waterproof Lollipop Min/Max Auto-Cal Thermometer is a top-of-the-line product that will enhance your cooking experience.


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